How to Nock an Arrow Quickly – Step By Step Guide

how to nock an arrow quickly

Are you struggling to nock your arrow lately? Or you can nock adequately but it is taking a fair amount of time, and this time-lapse is making you miss your hunt? Either way, you need help and maybe silently asking yourself how to nock an arrow quickly.

We know the struggle; that’s why today we are here to share the most effective way you can nock your arrow. All the techniques will help you to nock your arrow faster and more efficiently.


Steps to Nock an Arrow Faster

Nocking the arrow means simply putting your arrow against the bowstring and getting ready to shoot it. Yes, it is as simple as that! Well, not theoretically! The nocking process needs much more attention and practice than many other things about bowhunting.

So, let’s get to the point!

Use a Quiver

Quiver to nock the arrow faster
Sample Quiver for Arrows

This is the first and foremost step towards the fast arrow nocking process. A quiver is generally a bag made from different fabrics, which is used to store the arrow by the side of your hand’s end. I know you have seen people grabbing their arrows from their back in the movies but trust us, that’s not how it’s done.

Using a quiver will keep your arrow much more easily reachable, and you won’t hurt anybody while catching it up.

Grab the Arrow Delicately

Arrows to nock
Sample Arrows

Many people grab their arrows as they grab a hammer, which is the wrong way to handle an arrow. Use only your finger instead of using your whole fist. Just pinch an arrow firmly and pull it straight out of the quiver.

Check if the arrowhead is out of obstacles and bring it forward. Grab the arrow just in front of the fletchings. This way, you won’t even have to move your eyes from your target. You can pull out your arrow without even looking at it.

Hold Your Bow Slightly Sideways

Crossbow Sample used to nock arrow
A Sample Crossbow

You might have come across many hunters who have said to hold your bow straightly while nocking. However, the proper way is to keep your bow arm a little bit tilted and hold the bow slightly sideways. Anyway, always pick the best bow that matches your requirement and produces the optimum results for you.

This will make your nocking easier and prepare a good shot too. Because it will give your string and hand enough room around the bow and make it easy to operate.

Place the Arrow on Your Bow

After pulling out the arrow, take the arrow on the bow letting it slightly down, and put it on the middle of the bow. Place the arrow over the bowstring and use your bow hand’s index finger to grab the arrow at the middle point of your bow. Additionally, you may use a string silencer to reduce the sound produced by the bow.

Bow String Silencers
Bow String Silencers

Just slide along with the bow, put it on, and grab the arrow with your index finger.

Free Your String Hand

You know you need one of your hands to pull the string to make the shot happen, right? Nevertheless, how is that possible if you are holding an arrow with it?

So, here is the catch, when you put the arrow on your bow and grab it with the other hand’s index finger, There is no fear of falling it down or misplace it. Now you can let the arrow go and free the string hand.

Nock Your Arrow!

Now, as the string hand of yours is free and the arrow is properly placed on the right place, take your hand back of the arrow and attach the bowstring at the end of that arrow.

See, there is a nock placed at the middle of the bowstring. There are two ends of it so that your arrow can’t slip off the right or left side of the string. And there is a curvy point at the end of your arrow that will help adequately lock into that place.

And now you can just aim, draw and lose! So, if you practice the method for some time, you will see how much faster you can nock your arrows.


While at the hunting ground, sometimes you get more than a couple of chances to shoot at the game animal. The more shot you can pull, the more chance of success you will have. Similarly, the faster you can nock more shots you can draw! So, focus on both of your hands, move quickly, and apply this method. You will be shooting like a star!

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