How to Aim a Recurve Bow without Sights – Archery Instinct!

How to AIm Recurve Bow Without Sights

Classical archery is so much more soothing, but it can also be stressful if your arrows don’t hit the target. Even if you don’t have a peep sight, you could still be quite accurate if you take the necessary measures. Today, Let’s get to know How to aim a recurve bow without sight.

Hundreds of years ago, instinctive archery was a common way of hunting animals. It was just the act of firing a bow without any external sights attached, usually a classic wooden or recurve bow.

It’s an ancient kind of archery that’s been acquiring popularity in recent years. It was used by medieval European archers, Native Americans in the Americas, and feudal Japanese Ninja.


The Easiest Way to Aim a Recurve Bow without Sights

What is Instinctive archery?

When firing a bow, instinctive archery involves using your subconscious mind to guide all of your actions.

Archers differ on what instinctive archery is as well as whether this should even be such a conception.

When it comes to instinctive archery, there are two primary points of view:

  1. Those who believe it is a reasonable notion in archery.
  2. Those who disagree with the idea that archery is a natural skill.

However, for this post, we will assume that instinctive archery exists and can be characterized and mastered.

How to Aim a Recurve Bow without Sights

Instinctive shooting operates in almost the same approach that throwing a pebble or a basketball with our bare hands does. Whilst you were a child, you probably remember tossing little rocks at soda cans or tossing a paper puck in the waste basket at school.

It didn’t require any unique skills. You simply stared at the trash, instinctively deciding where you intended the ball to fall, and tossed it, hoping to strike it. Intuitive archery is almost the same or not too far off from that.

You must focus on your desired outcome: the location of your objective wherever you intend along with the arrow to strike, rather than using any point of reference on the bow or the objective. This may seem self-evident to you, but believe me when I say it isn’t.

It’s very common to distract your concentration to the head of the arrow or to gaze at the entire target or three-dimensional figure, particularly at first. It’s not a big deal; it happens all the time. To prevent this, you should work on your concentration and attempt to focus solely on the tiny spot wherever you would like to see your arrow struck. The rest of the world does not exist!

If you do the same thing again and again and again, your memory and reflexes will begin to automate the technique and perform it instinctively. After some repetition, it will come out freely and automatically.

Making the greatest shot without utilizing sights requires having a consistent shooting sequence. Checking to see if your posture is correct

  • Firstly, Nock your arrow
  • Now draw your bow  till the anchor mark
  • Gaze at the very location on your intended mark where you’re shooting at
  • Gently release your arrow
  • Lastly, completing your shot

Every time, you must create a shot sequence in the exact manner. Furthermore, you must complete each step in the correct order before taking any shots. With practice, it slowly gets to a subconscious habit in our minds.


Whatever targeting method you pick, we strongly advise that you have a basic understanding of arrow trajectory. In summary, we feel that the key to improving accuracy is to understand what your arrow does at various distances. There’s no need to pick just one and move on with it. But keep in mind that mastering instinctive archery will not happen immediately.

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