How to Store a Compound Bow – The Best Way!

How to Store a Compound Bow

Bows should be stored properly to keep them firing like new ones and to avoid inadvertent damage. However, many bowhunters get perplexed about how to store a compound bow appropriately.

When anything is as beautiful and well-engineered as a contemporary compound bow, it requires special attention. You don’t want the environment or an accidental drop to harm your delicate, exquisite bow. You must store your compound bow appropriately to give it the greatest possible care.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to store, transport, and shoot your bow at home. You have a lot more possibilities than you think.


The Proper Way to Store a Compound Bow

How to Properly Store a Compound Bow

So, how would you put your compound bow when you’re not using it? The best solution for storing your bow is generally a specialized and robust bow case. This is true for both residential and traveling storage. When storing your bow indoors, consider using a wall-mounted bow hanger or a cabinet.

Safety is a major factor, especially if you have youngsters in the house who might try to use it. Once you have the right materials and processes in place, storing a compound bow is simple.

Step 1:

Consider your bow’s storage requirements. Ask yourself if you’ll be taking it on a lot of trips if it needs to be waterproofed, and if you’ll be storing it for a long time.

Step two:

Look for a case that fits your needs. The case should be durable enough to withstand years of usage while also accommodating other requirements including travel. An airport services case will be durable, the right size, and last a long time. Purchase the appropriate case for your requirements.

3rd step:

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, clean the bow, wax the string, and set it into the case.

4th Step:

Secure the bow in a locked cupboard, such as a wardrobe, closet, or cabinets, with something like a locking latch. To retain your bow in the highest possible shape keep it in a dry, cool location. You can also store the bow in its disassembled state if you prefer.

Is it better to hang it or put it away?

The first thing you should consider is how long you’ll be preserving your bow. Is it only for a week or for the whole season? Another aspect you should consider is whether or not you get a suitable storage spot for your bow. When it comes to selecting a storage mechanism, these considerations are important.

It’s advisable to hang the compound bow upon the riser when you want to hang it. This does not jeopardize the equipment and is a reliable component. For your bow, you have the option of using guitar hooks or bike hangers. If it’s going to be kept for a long period, though, the next suggestion will help you decide which case to use.

Things to do before Storing your Compound Bow

Bows are built to withstand harsh environments, but they are still quite delicate. Take good care of your bow by cleaning and storing it properly to guarantee it lasts a long time. Here are some things to consider before putting your compound bow away.

  • Strings should be attached to compound bows while they are stored. However, while storing your bow aside, inspect it to make sure that everything has been in place and secured.
  • Check for damage to the strings, camshaft, and screws.
  • Check for flaking and tension in the limbs and risers.
  • Wax the strings once you’re confident that your bow is in good condition.
  • Use Tex-Tite or a similar string wax. Whenever you store and retrieve your bow, this will keep your strings against drying out or flaking, extending the lifespan of your strings.
  • Leaning your bow on the ground, no matter what kind it is, will eventually distort it.


It’s critical to keep your archery equipment in good operating order between hunts, seasons, and range sessions. Proper storage is essential for keeping your gear in good working order. Whether you’re at home or at a shooting range, be sure you store your bow appropriately. You spent a lot of money on it, so make it last as long as possible by properly keeping it.

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