How to Hang a Compound Bow- The Proper Way!

How to Hang a Compound Bow

Assume you’ve decided which style of archery you wish to begin with and have chosen a fantastic compound bow to meet your archery requirements. But do you know how to properly hang a compound bow?

It’s critical to hang your compound bow correctly. Otherwise, the bow will be rendered useless. It’s not the best-case scenario for an archer. Though displaying your bow on the wall is a nice idea, how do you hang a bow and arrow on the wall?

On Google, there was no good answer to this question. So, for you, I’ve done a lot of research from many sources and compiled all of the useful information here.


The Proper and Easy Way to Hang a Compound Bow

How to Hang a Compound Bow on the Wall

Great archers and experts understand the value of keeping an archery compound bow in good condition. They recognize that if they want to get the most out of an archer’s weapon, they must take special care of it.

Professionals already have their own tips and methods for keeping compound bows safe, but we’ve compiled a list of the most crucial points for newcomers who still need advice and support to delve into the depths of archery, bows, and arrows.

To begin, you must choose a temperature-controlled room. That is, you should store your bow somewhere that is neither too hot nor too cold. The reason for this is that dampness can cause the limbs of your bows to distort and become ineffective just when you need them most in battle.

Then just hang the bow on the wall of that room. Rather than leaving it on the floor. Because it is the safest method of storing the bow. Simply ensure that it is hung horizontally and upside down. Another alternative is to hang it by its cams. So, if you want to hang it by any other means you should go for the cams.

5 Best Ways to Hang Your Compound Bow

The Bow Rack

If you want to demonstrate your bows or arrows, bow racks are the ideal option. This can also be used as a decorative item in your home. Both archery shops and online have a wide range of products to choose from. Make certain you purchase the one that is compatible with your Bow’s setups.

Hangers for Guitars

The guitar hangers are extremely long-lasting and can be used as a wall bow hanger. Guitar hangers are also ideal for installing your bow because they can easily be mounted to the wall and take up little space.

Hanger for Deer Horns:

These are extremely useful if you are looking for beautiful bow hunger. How could you not be enthralled with deer horns? They’re the ideal accessory for anyone who enjoys hunting or simply has a variety of personalities.

Bow Supports

Consider utilizing a bow stand if you’re training at a shooting range that doesn’t have compound bow wall hangers. To keep your bow off the ground, you might bring a portable bow stand with you. If you leave it on the ground, it may be harmed if it is accidently walked on.

Hangers for Surfboards

Surfboard wall hangers are the most fantastic of all the hangers for keeping your bow on the wall more efficiently. They are more expensive than the others, but they are also more helpful and powerful.


You must know how to handle a compound bow if you are a hunter who enjoys the great outdoors. Before you can begin to enjoy all of the benefits, you must first understand how to properly keep them. You should know how to hang your bow not just for safety reasons, but also so that you may be as precise as possible when shooting at your target.

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