How to Choose the Best Release Aid for Compound Bow

best release aid for compound bow

If you looked back just a decade ago, release aid wasn’t even an option then. Hunters used to use their fingers to release the arrow. But as the modern compound bow started taking over the bow industry, every component started being upgraded as well as the release aids.

In recent years, the bow marketer has introduced us to different bow releases, making our hunters confused about picking up a particular category of bow release. With so many options, it’s hard to track the pros and cons of all of them.

Today, we are here to help all those confused hunters choose the appropriate bow release and make them aware of all their options. So next time, they have clear, concise about choosing a release aid for compound bow archery.

Nowadays, hunters are adapting an updated string loop procedure that requires new style release aid specially designed for string loops. Because with a standard release aid, the whole shooting process gets much more complicated. They need to shorten the draw length to support the extra string for the loop.

Another shooting system Known as 3-D shooting needs triggered shooting supported by thumb. So, along with the classic finger release, an archer has three primary and popular release aid options. We will explain these three most popular release aid and talk about how they work.


Release Aid Suitable for String Loop Users

String loop has become very popular among archers in recent years. The reason behind its popularity is quite apparent and makes sense too, as string loop promotes better peep sight alignment and straighter arrow flight. They also give the archer a longer service life.

More recently, the string loop started appearing on the bowstrings, so the new era of release aid began. These release aids are finely designed and have a total exposing hook that can snag on the bowstring quickly and easily. When you are ready to draw the string, the aid immediately gets into the action.

With this release aid, you will just have to clutch the trigger, the hook will roll forward, and you will see the smooth dropping of the string. These specially styled release aids are generally short distant from the clutch. This will allow you to use your full draw even if you use the string loop method.

Caliper Release Aid Suitable

Before the string loop started, the caliper release was the most popular release aid among hunters. The design of this release aid is so simple yet very much effective. Most of the made models with this method work by closing the jaws and moving the clutch forward. Just by moving the trigger a bit, you will get immediate release.

This release aid is so simple, and you will be immediately ready to draw soon after the release. If you are comfortable with hand-held releases like hand grips or conchos, you can get them in Caliper. The hand-held release will be strapped around your wrist.

The most significant potency of Caliper is its longevity and reliability. You can rely on these aids to close your eyes. They have proven to be fail-safe and successful over the years. Some of the thumbs triggered aid are being made with so much precision, and the trigger is a bit crisper, but the Caliper still proved to be perfect even in long-range shooting situations.

These release aid worth every penny of you. Hardly any hunter ever complained about misfiring these aids.

The only drawback about calipers is they stay attached to your wrist. So, if you try to do kinds of stuff other than shooting, you will face a little discomfort. But there are also some release aids of this kind that can be folded when you are not using them. So nothing to worry about here!

Thumb Triggered Release Aid

As you can tell by names, this release aid works only by triggering by thumbs. And one of the best parts about this aid is that you can just hang it by clipping it below the arrow when you are not shooting an arrow. Your hands will be free instead of being stuck with the wrist string all the time.

The drawback is when you will see a sudden movement from a hunt, and then you will need some seconds to pull the aid back and attach it in its place. If you have been hunting for some time, you might already know that those seconds are crucial when you are chasing a super swift animal like a whitetail.

Another important fact about thumb trigger release aid is, it needs some real strength in your thumb and getting used to the method. However, if you practice pretty often, you will be used to it in no time. Sometimes these release aids get unclipped with the force of an arrow flight, and you might end up dropping it down too.

Try to carry an extra pair of these categories if you are going to hunt with these while standing on a tree stand. It will be totally unpleasant if you have to get down to get a new one.

Final Verdict

Picking up a specific category is never easy if there are several variations of that product. Knowing all the drawbacks and advantages can be super helpful in these cases. But you can’t always buy them all and test them to reach a conclusion. That’s why we present you with all your available choices possible outcomes of a particular component. Because in the end, you get a better understanding of release aid. So, you have the power to choose the best option.

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