How to Aim a Compound Bow Properly

how to aim a compound bow

There was a time when hunters struggled over the mathematics and crucial tactics of past manual bows. Nowadays, the picture has turned upside down. The compound bows diminish so much hard work of bowhunting. The most important thing to focus on while shooting is the proper way to aim a compound bow.

Compound bows use a bunch of pulleys to execute a perfect shot and fly the arrow straight. The arrow usually flies faster than the regular conventional bows. The most important thing to learn and practice is aiming the target correctly.

You don’t have to frustrate yourself thinking about how to do it adequately. Luckily compound bows are equipped with many valuable components that can help you progress you’re your aiming. And we are here with a perfect and easy guideline that will help you in your journey.

Follow these easy steps and focus on your practice consistency; you will be aiming your compound bow correctly and making more success stories in no time.


Proper Way to Aim a Compound Bow

To make the process convenient to you, we have divided the process into sequential steps. Follow the steps carefully to get the optimum results. Steps are given below:

Do a little warm-up session before shooting

Being in good shape and adopting a good form always help with the aiming procedure. To adopt a good structure and relax your whole body and shoulder and hands are significant. The tensed muscle can impede your shooting performance.

To keep your shot consistent and productive, remove the tension of your muscles. Try to do some warm-up exercises to promote the blood flow in your muscle and brain. This will help you to focus better and more focus means perfect aiming.

You can do some super easy steps to pull off relaxed muscles. Stretch your upper back, hands, neck, and shoulder. If you feel tensed, still do some squats or jumping jacks. You will feel the difference right-handed!

Try this method every time you tend to release your arrow. The relaxation will help you to focus on better aiming and help you with panic attacks.

Grab your bow correctly!

how to hold a compound bow

There are so many novice hunters who make the mistake of grabbing their bow incorrectly. The eye contact fluctuates a lot when you are holding your bow at the wrong level and messing the aiming process. If you are dealing with this problem, try to maintain a natural holding position to avoid this complexity.

Keep the maximum pressure on the lower part of your thumb. Try to keep it 2.5 centimeters below your joint. You can rotate your hand slightly. This will help your fingers and palm to be relaxed and maintain a firm hold without pushing against it. This is the most natural way you can hold your bow, and this will help you avoid twisting your bow when you shoot.

So many hunters use this method to hold their bow as it is less forgiving and keep your wrist in a natural position. If you use this method, you won’t have to exert extra strength to keep your bow in the position while shooting an arrow. Obviously, there are other holding techniques, but this one is recommended if you are just starting.

Take a perfect look through the peep sight

One of the most valuable components of a compound bow is its peep sight. If you have a compound bow check out the little ring of magnifying glass-looking component that happens to sit on your bow is called peep sight. It’s great to ease your pain of aiming the target and making your life as a hunter easier!

If your compound bow doesn’t have a peep sight or have a damaged one, don’t worry at all, as you can always buy an extra peep sight from a local shop or online platform like Amazon. The peep sight is essential if you are planning to focus on more comprehensive ranges and distant targets.

It will be best if you get a large peep sight, and it works well in a low-light situation. You will have to sight your target through it and align your bow accordingly. While moving, keep your bow sight’s pin on your target and move your hands without harming the alignment.

Aim through one eye and keep the other one closed

how to shoot a compound bow

This method is not an obvious one but surely helps you to do better aiming. As you know, our eyes can see 180 degrees wide which is helpful in many ways! But if we are talking about focusing on a particular target keeping one eye close will give you a better sight.

You will be able to see straight and keep your focus deposited on your target. So many experienced bow hunters apply this tactic, and they find it super helpful. There are also some disadvantages of keeping an eye closed. Keeping open your both eyes will give you a better perception of depth, and you will be able to track your arrow better too.

 Don’t confuse your alignment with a multi-pin bow sight

best 3 pin bow sight

There are so many different bow sights available in the market nowadays. From single pin to six pin bow sights are way too popular among hunters. But if you are just starting with your archery skill, it will be better to keep it simple for you.

So, while aiming, you will be able to decide and align your bow with your target quickly. Single pin to 3 pin bow sights is perfect for executing the perfectly aligned shoot. But if you are going on a hunt where you will need to aim and target at a longer distance, multi-pin bow sight will work more accurately.

Try to hold your finger in a triangle shape and keep your eye focused on your target. Hold your bow naturally, as we learned a while ago, and align your body accordingly. This is the best way you can aim and execute a perfect shot.

And there, you have just learned the simplest yet effective way to aim a compound bow!


Aiming is one of the most crucial steps toward perfect archery. There are so many people who get panic attacks while aiming for the target and releasing the arrow. But it can be done easily if you know the proper way to do it. We have explained all the possible struggles you might face and how to overcome those things in this article. We hope you find it helpful, and we will be back with more practical and straightforward ways to resolve your bowhunting journey. Happy hunting!

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