How to Install a Peep Sight on a Compound Bow-The Easiest Method!

How to Install Peep Sight on a Compound Bow

A peep sight is a compact amplifying gadget that fits over the arrow’s nock and magnifies the image. The peep sight is attached to a bow sight, and the archer utilizes it to precisely aim at their target. However, Many inexperienced archers get perplexed as to how to install a peep sight on a compound bow.

The archer can clearly see the sight because it is mounted to the top of the bow. It consists of a “peep,” which is a small hole with an adjustable ring around it. This ring may be adjusted to change the size of the peeping hole.


The proper and Easy Way to Install a Peep Sight on a Compound Bow

What is a peep sight and what does it do?

A peep sight is a form of bow sight that is popular and useful. A circular ring is affixed to the base of the bow scope. It features a little hole in the middle through which you could aim while looking through it. Peep sights are more prevalent than aperture sights, and they’re frequently found on scopes made for long-range bow shooting.

Peep sights are a little protuberance on a bow and arrow that helps for precision aiming. A standard archery sight is made up of three parts: a peep, a bowstring, and an arrow. A peep sight’s purpose is to assist you in aiming at your target by shutting out any other distractions. For hunters who practice archery from a distance, it is regarded as the best sort of sight.

Peep sights and pins have been around for a long time and were first employed in archery to help the archer aim more accurately. Although they are still widely used today, the technology has evolved over time. There are many different types of pins that can be utilized with a peep sight nowadays.

A peep sight is made up of two parts:

  • The peep hole
  • And the ring surrounding it.

The ring acts as a reference point for fine-tuning your aim. The peep hole’s purpose is to allow you to see your target clearly so you can align it with your sights. It is similar to a little hole in the center of the sight that stands between the archer’s eye and the string of the bow.

The peep serves two purposes:

  • First, it serves as a lens, enlarging an image of the target so that the archer may see it more clearly, especially in low-light situations.
  • It also functions as a pinhole camera, enabling only light to pass through.

On the top of a composite bow is a peep sight. By aligning the peep sight of the bow with the target, you can correctly aim your bow. We’ll go over how a peep sight works, how it impacts accuracy, and how to utilize it effectively in this article.

How to Install a Peep Sight on a Compound Bow

Peep sights are usually composed of metal or plastic and can be customized to fit a certain bow. Some hunters utilize a single-peep sight, which allows them to position the peep hole over a specific target. Others prefer to utilize a double-peep sight, which has two peepholes and allows them to shift the peep sight above or below their line of sight if their target is above or below their line of sight.

One of the most crucial components of a bow is the peep sight. The little plastic item that will assist you in aiming and hitting your target with pinpoint accuracy. Installing a peep sight isn’t difficult, and we’ll teach you just how to accomplish it.

It is simple to do and does not necessitate a lot of tools or experience.

All you need is-
  • A rubber mallet,
  • Pliers,
  • And the peep sight itself.

A screw holds the peep sight in place on top of your bow’s arrow rest. The ring’s holes can be adjusted, allowing archers to utilize it for a variety of lengths.

  • Installing a peep sight on a composite bow is as follows:
  • Set up your bow in the same manner you would if you were going to shoot an arrow. Make sure everything is securely fastened so it doesn’t slip while you work on it.
  • Between the bow shooter’s eye and the bowstring, it has a small pinhole or notch.
  • Mount the Pin sights to the bow using a mounting bracket that screws into the riser of the bow.
  • To attach the mounting bracket to the bow’s riser, it may contain two holes through which screws are put.
  • The front pin is held in place by spring-loaded ball bearings that fit into sockets on either side of the pin, and the sight pins are held in place by spring-loaded ball bearings that fit into sockets on either side of the pin.

So now you know that putting a peep sight on a compound bow is simple if you follow the instructions correctly. Observing someone who has done it before is the best way to learn how to put a peep sight on a compound bow.

The advantages of having a peep sight on your bow

The peep sight is a sort of sight that is mounted on the bow and allows you to focus on a single spot. When shooting at longer distances, it comes in handy. In the middle of the peep sight, a circle ring will appear, which you can adjust to see your target more clearly.

Any bow would benefit from a peep sight. It’s a simple contraption that helps you to shoot your bow more accurately. It will assist you in improving your form and shot accuracy.

Peep sights have a number of benefits over other types of sights. For a precise shot, set it up so that your eyes are perpendicular to your bow. Parallax errors, which occur when the site is not immediately behind the arrow, are also reduced by using the peep sight.

The following are the three most essential advantages of a peep sight:

• A peep sight improves accuracy by removing all variables associated with sight alignment and sight image. These two factors can sometimes result in the arrow not being completely aligned with the target, making it more difficult to hit your goal.

• The archer can look through the peep sight and locate the target in the circle before lining up the pin on their bow sight, allowing them to retain eye contact with the target for longer than usual. “Pin and peek” is another name for this technique.

They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including aluminum and plastic. Some sights can be adjusted, while others are set in stone. The sight works in conjunction with a contemporary bow sight.

Things to Consider before purchasing a Peep Sight

Peep sights improve accuracy by keeping your eye in a fixed place when pointing, and they also keep your shot from being affected by movement.

Peep sights are available in a variety of brands on the market today. Before purchasing a peep sight for your bow, there are a few things to think about. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a peep sight for your bow, just as there are before purchasing anything else:

  1. What kind do you require?
  2. Does it work with your bow
  3. Do you want a model that is illuminated or not
  4. How much are you willing to spend on the peep show?
  5. Is it permissible in your state?
  6. Which color do you require?
  7. Is it going to help you boost your accuracy and performance?

A peep sight should be purchased from a reputable compound bow manufacturer. These sights are composed of high-quality metal or plastic, and they should be able to survive severe handling and extreme weather conditions during hunting season.


Peep sights allow archers to line up their shot before releasing it by allowing them to glance down their arrow. When using broadhead tips, a peep sight will help you aim more accurately. One of the most crucial components of a compound bow is the peep sight. It enables the bowhunter to aim and shoot an arrow with extreme precision. This necessitates purchasing the greatest peep sight and understanding how to properly install a peep sight on a compound bow.

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