How to Hunt Elk with a Bow – The Easiest Way

How to Hunt Elk with a Bow

Elks, also known as ‘wapiti,’ is the largest member of the deer family. They are so massive that you might have misidentified them as wild cows! As a result, they are regarded as the most challenging game animals to hunt with arrows. But that doesn’t stop hunters from dreaming big to hunt them. Wondering how to hunt elk with a bow? Well, we have got you covered!

Generally, Elk are found in North America, and bowhunters from all over the country come to hunt them at the beginning of the fall season. If you are planning to go for a hunt, you should follow some strategies.

Hunting elk is not the same as hunting rabbits or whitetail deer. This hunting strategy has both advantages and disadvantages. For starters, elks are enormous in size, making it difficult to penetrate their thick skin. At the same time, they are easier to spot than those tiny rabbits and are not as fast.

You must first prepare yourself before embarking on the adventure and achieving success. Begin by preparing your mind and following the simple steps outlined below, and you will be able to bring your trophy animal home.


Steps to Follow to Hunt an Elk with a Bow

Physical Preparations

Elk hunting is prevalent in many states across the country, including Washington, California, and others. However, it is best to go to the location where they are most visible. Colorado has the most elk residents of any other state in the country. So, if you are a first-timer, it is recommended that you go there.

However, if you live on the opposite side of the country and in a completely different climate zone, you must be prepared for the weather in which you are traveling. The deer season begins in the fall, and it gets pretty chilly at that time of year. Keep all these things in mind before departing from home.

Be Physically Fit

Elks are mountain animals. So, be prepared to walk across the mountains at high altitudes. You may also experience oxygen deprivation there. If you have any physical conditions that could make this journey difficult, be physically prepared for them. Check to see if you are physically fit to walk through the rugged terrain. If not, try working out for a few days to get in shape.

Carry Proper Clothing

Elk season, as previously stated, begins in the early fall and runs through the end of October. The mountains get very cold at that time of year, especially with the crazy wind. If you’re cold, you’ll be more focused on yourself than on the elks. So bring appropriate warm clothing. Bring warm but comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely across those rough terrain.

Get a Sleeping Bag

Elks are known to move in herds far from the civilizations. So, you will have to journey through the mountains and sometimes for days! If you want to concentrate on the hunt and stay comfortable at the same time try to travel with a travel bag and basic surviving gadgets.

Hunting Preparations

If this is your first time as an elk hunter, you will have to take some extra preparation and develop some skills to get better results. Let’s get some tips about how you can develop your skill as an elk hunter at home.

Exercise on Your Draw Time

If you have studied elk, you might know they have very sensitive hearing capabilities. If they hear any noise, they will start to run and make it impossible to get to them. So, you will want to get the perfect shot. And to get the perfect shot, you might have to keep your arm in a drawing position for quite some time.

If you don’t practice this for some time you will face problems like your hand and shoulder will tire off very soon and make it impossible to be in that posture. We recommend that you practice drawing your bow at home at least twice a week.

All you have to do is take your bow and arrow, draw the bow at full weight and hold the position until you are exhausted. Try to keep track of the time and observe how long you can hold the position. Continue to work on the borderline and push yourself a little more each time you practice.

Try Shooting from Angles

As you are aware, you may have to travel to the mountains to hunt the elks. Hunting in the mountains is not the same as hunting on flat land. In those steep downhills, you will notice that your practiced position isn’t working out so well. You may be in a higher or lower position than your game animal, which will have an effect on your normal shooting abilities.

As a result, you should have been prepared for the situation earlier. Try shooting at an angle and practice developing angled shots. To extend your drawing time, try aiming from different angles and holding the position. Elk hunting will be much easier for you now.

Aim for Their Lungs

Hunting with a bow and arrow is not the same as hunting with a shotgun. You can shoot and almost always get a confirmed kill with a shotgun no matter where you connect your shot. However, in order to kill an elk with a bow, you must shoot in a specific location on its body. Their lungs are the best place to aim. Elks have massive lungs, and piercing through them will result in a confirmed kill.

So, just follow these tips and keep a positive attitude, and you’ll get your first elk this year.


Going on a hunting trip with your bow has always been fun and exciting. It will also be enjoyable when you go elk hunting. Remember to keep your health issues under control and to stay hydrated as much as you can. Follow these tips on a regular basis, and keep your hunting license with you at all times. And, most importantly, remain mentally strong regardless of the situation. Keep your head up and your faith in yourself throughout all times. There is no need to worry.

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