How to Install Arrow Rest on Recurve Bow – Shockingly Easy!

How to Install Arrow Rest on Recurve Bow

You should install an arrow rest on your recurve bow to make your shooting session even more fun and comfortable than usual. Although it isn’t required, you can utilize it to increase your field goal percentage without difficulties. That is why we are here to discuss How to Properly Install an Arrow Rest on a Recurve Bow.

The arrow rest will dramatically improve your accuracy once correctly set up, so go for it!


Best Way to Install Arrow Rest on Recurve Bow

What is an Arrow Rest?

An arrow rest is a spot where the arrow can rest before being discharged. These are typically made of metal or plastic, though some may be made of other materials such as wood.

For the arrow to rest on, an Arrow Rest is attached to the side of the bow handle. The arrow is always in the same place, which helps with consistency. The function is straightforward: hold the arrow in place and support it until you fire the bow.

When the bow is fired, the arrow rest is normally attached inside the sight glass, allowing the arrow to hang suspended and freely clear the bow. Arrow rests can be integrated into the riser or purchased separately and added.

Step 1: Make sure your surface is clean.

You should tidy your workspace before starting the task. Examine the area for filth and dust and thoroughly clean it. Whether there are any unneeded instruments on the tabletop, get rid of them right away.

After that, gently polish the arrow risers’ exterior. Check for grease in that place and then clean it up. You can execute this by using dishwashing liquid. If you don’t take it carefully enough, you’ll put yourself in danger.

Step 2: Remove the Arrow Rest

You’ll need to cut your arrow rest if it’s too wide. The best course of action is to place it on the riser. Do it as though you were going to glue it.

Then, with the riser still in place, draw a circle around it. After that, trim the arrow rest to your preference.

Step 3: Remove any Self-adhesive Sheets

Gently pull off the strips’ end if your arrow rest contains self-adhesive. Furthermore, if you want to glue an arrow plate, you can do so quickly and easily with glue.

Spread it to the bottom and riser of the plates to ensure that they have thoroughly adhered to one another.

Step 4: Position the Bow’s Handle with the Arrow Plate.

This is a crucial step that should be performed cautiously. Arrange the arrow plate and the bow’s handle in the desired position. Allow 5/8-inch between both the arrow and the base portion of the bow’s sight glass.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Attach the arrow rest onto the bow to complete the project. You can do this by lightly squeezing the rest on the bow for a few seconds to ensure that it is firmly connected.

How to Install Arrow Rest on Recurve Bow Properly

There are two types of arrow rests for recurve bows: glue-on arrow plates and screw-in rests. It’s not difficult to put things together, but the difficulty is in the details.

Wrap-around rests have a “plate” that you affix under the collar of the plunger on the sight-mounting side of the bow. Stick-on rests simply adhere to the riser on the shelf side of the bow. While wrap-around rests have a “plate” that you affix under the collar of the plunger on the sight-mounting side of the bow.

Stick-on rests are easier to use since they have fewer moving parts and are less in weight. Nothing sticks to the riser with wrap-around rests, and some models are micro-adjustable.

Remember that once you’ve fitted your arrow rest, you’ll have to tune up your bow for consistency. If your arrow strikes the target upwards, you’ll have to move the nocking point on your bowstring up, and if it hits the target downwards, you’ll have to move the nocking point down.

Why Should You Get an Arrow Rest Immediately?

When bringing the bow back, a rest keeps the arrow in position, making shooting easier for beginners.

When you utilize an arrow rest, your arrows will have a place to rest while you line up the shot. You’ll be able to spend more time aiming and improving your accuracy as a result. It also makes it easier to pull back on the string without causing the arrow to fall out of place.

Your arrows can also benefit from an arrow rest. Their fletches may be damaged if they come into touch with the bow. When this happens, your arrow’s flight may be disrupted, reducing your accuracy. This can be avoided with the use of an arrow rest.

Even if you don’t use an arrow rest, you need to ensure that the bow is protected against this sort of damage. The most frequent method is to use a material like leather or moleskin to line the inside of the shelf.


One of the procedures of hand-picking the best gear for your setup is deciding on the best arrow rest for you. Having complete faith in your gear leads to more confidence in your shooting. You can go to a local archery store or order it online to locate the appropriate piece of equipment. Then it’s only a matter of practicing.

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