How to Determine the Arrow Length Like a Pro!

how to determine the arrow length

Have you recently struggled to find the right arrow size for your bow? Determining the right arrow length as a beginner will be a breeze if you pursue these simple steps we have put together for you.

Buying bowhunting gadgets for the first time is quite intimidating and perplexing, but when you will get the basic understanding and the fundamentals of arrow length, you’ll be able to pick the right one for you. On the other hand, you require assistance and maybe secretly wondering how to determine the perfect arrow length.

We understand the issue, which is why we’re here today to present the most effective method for determining the ideal arrow length. All of the strategies will make it easier for you to select the appropriate size arrow.


Difference Between Arrow Length and Arrow Size

Many beginner archers don’t understand that the length and size imply the same for arrow measurements.  The proper arrow length is one of the most critical safety equipment for anyone new to archery.

If you do not have the proper arrow length, simply you are endangering yourself with so many others around you. Furthermore, if you get the wrong arrow size or spine length, there is an increased chance of accident!. Today we will help you to decipher all of the technical languages that have perplexed every new archer for an additional couple of decades.

Before jumping into the procedure for determining your ideal starter arrow length, let’s understand the difference between arrow size and arrow length.

Length-The arrow shafts length is referred to as the arrow length.

Size– The spine of an arrow determines its size (stiffness).

The shaft’s diameter, the breadth of the shaft’s wall, and the amount of flexing the arrow shaft can do before it breaks down or bends are all referred to as shaft sizes.

I hope now you understand the distinction between arrow sizes and arrow length, let’s focus on the main point of this article. This segment explains how a beginner archer should select the appropriate arrow length.

Ways to Determine the Right Arrow Length

Before estimating your starting arrow length, it’s critical to understand all the common shooting structure mistakes that lead to inaccurate arrow length readings.

When archers fire arrows that are too short, people close to the archer are at risk.  Until you’ve mastered good shooting technique, keep your arrows no less than 1.5 inches to 2 inches further than the rear of your bow.

The best way to decrease the possibility of overdrawing an arrow is to draw the bow and arrow with perfect archery form and anchoring in the proper spot.

What Should Be Your Starting Arrow Length?

Follow any of the simple techniques listed below to initiate the course of action to determine the ideal novice arrow span, and you’ll know exactly what size and length of beginning arrow you require in no time. More accurate methods for calculating appropriate arrow length exist, but those are only obtainable to experienced and sophisticated archers.

Before you start to figure out the right length for a beginner, you’ll need someone for marking the arrow for you. You can calculate your initial arrow length by using one of the subsequent tools:

  • Fabric or Tape Measure
  • A marker (ideally a Sharpie)

There are a few basic archery regulations that you should be aware of before you begin.

Rule 1

Put yourself in the stance and posture of someone who is about to pull a bow. Perpendicular to what you imagine as your aim, place your feet shoulder-width apart.

Rule 2

Imagine a full draw and fasten position, while your head is aimed at your imagined target. With the chin-up, the bow arm should be completely stretched toward your pretend aim. The elbow of the drawing arm should be in a straight line in the rear of the arrow line.

The best tools for determining proper bowhunting arrow length are a bow with lightweight draw weight along with an exceptionally long arrow. You’ll also need the help of a marker-wielding assistant. Only use field points when performing any of these acts, or you and your assistant will be severely injured.

Step- One

Begin with an extra-long arrow (2 to 4 inches extended than you can reach with your hand). To check out the arrow, place the smack between your breastbone and hands and your outstretched arms. Make sure the arrow shaft extends at least two to four inches past the tip of the fingers.

Using a longer arrow ensures that the arrow does not fall off from the arrow rest when you draw your bow too far.

Step- Two

To do this, draw an arrow and use your index finger to anchor it beneath your chin or in the corner of your mouth. You can also employ an anchor point, placed under your index finger and in opposition to your jaw bone.

Make sure you’re maintaining a fine posture and not drawing the bowstring more than necessary. When your assistant is carefully marking the arrow shaft, you must HOLD this position.

Step- Three

Try to take help from your assistant. When you are at full draw, make a mark on the arrow shaft where it links with the backside of the riser and tag it “HOLDING”. You should use a bow that has a small draw weight. Thus, you can draw your arrow, anchor it properly, and hold it down safely without tiring.

Useful Tricks and Tips for the Beginners

  • Arrows should be marked with the flipside of the bow riser by novice archers with good technique.
  • If you’re a beginner, you should extend the arrow no less than 2 inches past the back of the bow riser.
  • You should only lower your arrow while your helper is securely behind you, so be very careful.
  • Take out the arrow and calculate how far it is from the nock groove to the new mark.

Just follow this simple method step by step, and you will have a smooth starting to your bowhunting journey with a perfectly measured arrow with you.


You may not have more than one opportunity to aim at a game animal during a hunting trip. The more shots you can make, the better your chances of succeeding. Additionally, the faster you can nock, the more shots you’ll be able to pull! So, focus on choosing a perfect arrow length for you. It won’t be long before you’re shooting like a star!

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