10 Best String Silencers for Compound Bow (2022 Reviews)

best string silencers for compound bow

While hunting for sound-sensitive animals like deer and oak, you might have wished to sneak like a Ninja. But the vibration your string makes after releasing the arrow is still causing you to lose the target.

The kinetic energy resides in your limbs whenever you make a shot. It then forms vibrations that are not so strong. But the animals like deer have super sensitive sound receiving an organ, which makes them alert even with that bit of vibrating noise.

In situations like these, you need to have a string silencer to quiet your compound bow.


What’s a String Silencer?

Basically, a string silencer is a kind of mechanism that keeps the string silenced and reduces vibration after releasing an arrow.

While pulling an arrow, it gathers energy from the pullback. How much energy? It depends on how much draw weight your bow has.

While releasing the arrow, your bowstring pushes the arrow with the same energy and makes it fiercely fly in the right direction.

The arrow lands on the target with the energy it carries. But what about the string? The string still has its energy called kinetic energy and starts jerking it off as it is tied tightly with two strong limbs.

Throughout the process, the string starts vibrating crazily and starts making external noises. This might not bother your eardrum much but will make an impact on a sensitive eared animal.

And this is the scientific reasoning behind the string noise.  

 Is it Obvious to have String Silencers?

Well, not technically. Without a bow silencer, your bow can function properly. If you have bought your bow to show off or target practice, it is not essential to have a silencer. But, if you are after hunting down some deer and rabbit, then you should buy one.

A string silencer’s main functionality is to reduce the string’s vibration after it’s been shot. But how does it do that?

They are of different kinds and types. Some are fur from animals and some rubber or plastic ones.

But every one of them has got a simple task to do. Absorb the energy of the string and prevent it from vibrating and making noise.

This is a simple mechanism yet very much effective to some extent.

So, if you plan on going on a hunting trip, you better have one in your bow case.

Even if you are okay with that bit of noise and crazy vibration but concerned with your bow’s durability, it has a shallow part in that section.

Too much and often residual energy can hamper your bow limbs. Over time, it may develop cracking and spoil the performance.

It gets its job done and silences it, and makes sure that your bowstring and limbs get a better healthy lifeline.

Best String Silencers for Compound Bow – Reviews

We have handpicked some penny-worthy products for you. If you are looking for one, check our list, and you will be the one with enough solid info to decide which one you should get.

So without any further ado, let’s get cracking!

Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer

Well, first of all, let’s clarify its weird name. The ‘ball’ in the title refers to this silencer’s size, not any anatomical part of the beaver. I know it sounds funny!

With this weird name, this unit is most loved among all the bow hunters. The reason behind it is apparent, though. So far, this unit from Mountain Man Beaver is the best string silencer for compound bows.

It’s a simple mechanism with a natural and traditional look. It gets the job done perfectly yet comes at such an affordable price!

Made from natural beaver hide, it has the potential to absorb most of the residual energy and take away the tension off your bow limb.

The North American hunters prefer an all-natural look while hunting and out in the wild—no doubt, people choose this over other units available in the market.

Many other fur silencers are available, like cat whiskers, otters, muskrat, and artificial yarn. None of them has got the potential to give the beaver ball a competition.

Highlighted Features

  • Traditional look with natural materials
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Affordable with excellent service life
  • Compatible with all bows
  • Weather friendly
  • Super easy to install, you won’t have to remove your bowstring.

It will be an excellent choice for you if you want a cheap yet effective solution for your string noise.

However, if you are not comfortable using animal products, there are plenty of manufactured products on the list. Choose the one that suits you the most.

LimbSaver Broadband Dampener

This product is one of the finest products in this particular field. There are several reasons behind this statement.

The most problematic drawback of a bow silencer is that it adds some extra weight to the string, making the bow a little slow.

But it doesn’t happen with Limb saver broadband Dampener. This specifically designed solid limb dampener is installed in the limb yet consumes more than 70% of vibrations.

Even at a wide range of frequencies, it works just fine and spontaneously reduces the noise and vibration.

It’s super easy to install. You can install them using your hands, with no requirements of a bow press.

Noise and Vibration control material named NAVACOM technology is used to produce this product. This super lightweight dampener not only eases your Bow but also helps to create a quieter and smoother shot!

Highlighted Features

  • Super robust and long-lasting
  • Works just fine in 20 Hz- 20,000 Hz frequency ranges
  • Made with NAVACOM technology
  • Comes as a pair
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Weather friendly
  • The rubber washer confirms zero rattling
  • Weighs only 0.32 ounces
  • Fits all kind of solid limb bows
  • Hand-made and engineered in the USA

After using a bow for quiet, sometimes the limbs and string start cracking because of the constant energy it absorbs. But you can easily prevent it and give your Bow a longer life with this beautiful product from LimbSaver.

Moreover, this pair comes in 9 different colors! So many options to choose between!

Bowjax 1036 Ultra Silencer

Some people don’t like wandering off and grab the easiest option for their gadgets. If you are one of them, then Bowjax 1036 ultra is the best option for you.

This unit has been one of the biggest successes for Bowjax Company. It has been top of their sell order for ease of use and effectiveness for more than 17 years!

The string vibration and that weird noise are so creepy to be around while shooting an arrow. The noise also breaks the serenity and alerts the hunt in a fraction of seconds.

If you are not okay with the situation and want an easy, long-lasting solution for that rattling string of yours, get one of these right now.

Some people take a step behind because you will need to pull out your string for installing this silencer. But if you think rationally, this isn’t even an issue!

Let us tell you a trick. Take a straight paperclip and bend it in half; run one end of the string through the end string loop. Take both ends of the string and put them up through the bow jack and back of the paper clip. That’s how easy it is and will take only 10 minutes to complete the process.

Highlighted Features

  • Make your Bow as silent as air!
  • Super robust won’t damage until it flies off!
  • Super lightweight 19 grains, to be exact.
  • Compatible with traditional and compound bows but works best with compound bows.
  • Easy to install
  • Its black color will make you forget it is there
  • But surely make your Bow silenced by consuming 80% vibration.

We bet you are going to love this product and will buy it again and again. The pack comes in four units. Tell us, isn’t that a heck of a deal?

Pine Ridge Archery Wishbone String and Cable Dampener

Wishbone string silencer is the simplest yet effective unit available in the market. Does not require any extra effort to install, super lightweight, and works like a miracle!

 As you already know, the string silencer makes the bow a little slow. But not with wishbone ones.

It doesn’t slow down your Bow, not even a bit! Moreover, it may increase the speed of your Bow and let you shoot preciously. Not less than a miracle, right?

This particular unit comes in nine different colors. So whatever your string may look like, you will get a matching color unit with it. Isn’t that the coolest thing you heard so far?

This super lightweight product weighs only 14 grains which is the lowest for a custom-made unit. This unit works fine with all vertical compound bows.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduce about 80% of the noise
  • Noticeably increase the shooting accuracy
  • Comes in nine different colors
  • Super robust and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Works just fine in all weathers.
  • Weighs only 14 grains to be exact
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Compact look and easy to carry
  • The universal application confirms zero rattling

This magical wishbone has been ruling over its opponents for more than five years. People are choosing them over their traditional ones. And most importantly, it worth every penny it costs!

TOPARCHERY 2 Pair Bow String Whiskers Silencers

Top Archery has been in the archery business for quite a long time. So far, they have been promising with their words as well as their products.

This particular product is one of those products. It’s a little bit tricky to get them on. But once you install them, they work like a magic.

The package comes with two pairs of string silencers, so don’t worry if you made one of those flies! Toparchary has provided three more backups.

Made out of premium quality fiber materials, this one is super robust and long-lasting. Once you tie it with your string, you will love the way it takes shape.

People often forget that a complex gear like a compound bow needs proper care and maintenance. So if you care for your bowstring, this Toparchery whisker will be a beneficial purchase for you. Because it is specially designed to protect your bowstring.

Highlighted Features

  • Four whisker units added to a package.
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Weather friendly
  • The fiber whisker consumes vibration perfectly
  • Weighs only 0.21 ounces
  • Can be used in all kind of bowstrings
  • Will give you a long-lasting service.

There are a couple of beneficial videos on YouTube about how to install this unit. The process is not very difficult but a little tricky. Once you get one done, there is no stopping for you!

I-Sport Otter Dampener Bow String Silencer

If you are still annoyed by those unwanted bow twang, this unit from I-Sport will relieve you.

All-natural otter fur material with super long-lasting and silencing effect it can’t get better. Moreover, it’s super easy to install.

The I-sport otter dampener is lightweight and puts minimal pressure on your string.

Many bowhunters find it hard to shoot ideally with a bit of wind if they install a heavyweight silencer but not with this one. The wind has minimal effect on this unit and will allow you to shoot with your total energy. It is very easy to install too!

The package has got a pair of silencers. So, if you accidentally fly off one, there will be a backup for you. You will feel kind of relieved!

Highlighted Features

  • Natural color black with a touch of white
  • Works fine with all kinds of bowstrings.
  • Super robust and long-lasting
  • Comes as a pair
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Works just fine in all weathers.
  • Natural material confirms zero rattling
  • Weighs only 3 grams
  • Fits all kind of solid limb bows

With the natural look with long-lasting best service, I-sport didn’t do a lousy job on this. So, if you are struggling with the string noise, buy one of these today!

I-Sport 1 Pair Archery Rubber Bow Vibration Damper

If you are not a fan of animal products and looking for something custom-made and works fantastically, this is the best option for you.

It not only silences the string but also takes care of the whole remaining energy of your Bow. Protect your precious Bow from future cracking possibilities.

These silencers are way too easy to install. You can install them all by yourself without taking any part of your Bow apart. The whole process of installing may take around five minutes.

Works best with split limb compound Bow this bow dampener is the best solution for all rattling noise you suffer after an arrow shot. It covers up the noise beautifully and diverts the vibration.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduce about 70% noise
  • Noticeably increase the shooting accuracy
  • Help you with keeping your balance while shooting.
  • Super robust and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Works just fine in all weathers.
  • Compact look and easy to carry
  • Finely protect your limbs
  • The universal application confirms zero rattling
  • Fits all kind of split limb bows

This bow dampener comes with two limb saver. Both of them are the same in size and will give you a proper fit no matter which brand of the split limb you use.

VGEBY1 Bow rubber String Stabilizer Monkey Tail shaped

The rubber-made flexible and elastic unit from VGEBY1 made this list for some self-explanatory reasons.

First of all, this string silencer is shaped like a monkey tail, so some people call it a monkey tail silencer. It’s amazingly lightweight and gets the job done.

Compact in shape and easy to carry in a backpack or even in your bow case. You can jump in the wild with it without thinking twice!

The practical model of this product makes it super easy to use. It consumes the remaining energy of your string and helps you improve your archery skill.

By releasing the tension from the limb, it will make your string and limb last longer and let you hunt with your bow for an extended period.

Highlighted Features

  • Make your Bow noticeably silenced.
  • Great after-sells service.
  • Super robust won’t damage until it flies off!
  • Super lightweight 14 grams, to be exact.
  • Compatible with all kinds of compound bows.
  • Super Easy to install
  • Its black color will make you forget it is there
  • The package includes 4 units

VGEBY1 is relatively new to the market yet won many bow hunters’ hearts. They have kept their promise as a good marketer and still producing this fantastic product with success.

Xilang Compound Bow Stabilizer

This custom-made unit works finely with all kinds of split limb compound bows. This particular product is one of those great products. Like other units, it’s a little tricky to get them on. But once you install them, they work like a magic.

The package comes in a pair, so don’t worry if you made one of those flies! Xilang has provided with a much-needed backup.

Made out of premium quality fiber materials, this silencer is super robust and long-lasting. Once you tie it with your string, you will love the way it takes shape.

It adequately absorbs the shockwave and makes the shot smooth and précised.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers an excellent after-sell service.
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Weather friendly
  • The rubber body consumes vibration perfectly
  • Easy to install
  • Black color will make you forget it is there
  • Weighs only 2.3 ounces
  • The package includes two-pieces

Designed as a crab shape, significantly deduct the vibrations and improve your performance and aim rate. This product is a brand new edition of this range. Though it’s new to the market, its features are pretty promising.

VAKA Dampener String Silencer, Compound Bow String Nocking

If you are after the raw look of animal fur, this can’t get any better. Otter string with natural black and white outlook will give you the wildest look with decent string silencing.

The VAKA Otter works well with all kinds of bows. The package includes a super helpful string silencer and three copper buckles for your bowstring.

Made with all-natural material, the unit ideally consumes almost 80% of the energy after an arrow shot.

The only drawback of this product is that it is a little heavy and slows down your shot. But very much effective if you will have to shot from a close distance.

Highlighted Features

  • Traditional look with natural materials
  • Very much value for a closer shot
  • Affordable with excellent service life
  • Compatible with all bows
  • Weather friendly and natural color
  • Super easy to install
  • Weighs approx 3 gram and 7.8 inches in length

Please be careful when you install this unit. This has all-natural otter strings, so they will start falling off if you push or rub them hard.

How to Make Your Bow Quieter

If you are in the Archery business and have been associated with Archery for a long time, you may know much a quieter bow can turn the wind.

String silencer is one of the game changers so far. People have been using it for quite a time. But it only silences the string of your bow? What about the rest of the mechanisms?

Here are some tips which you can use to make your bow quieter and make a ninja attack!

Tune your string perfectly

This is the best thing you can do to get a quiet bow shooting. One of the most disturbing drawbacks of a string silencer is it adds a little weight to your string, which slightly drops your Bow’s speed.

But if your bowstrings are perfectly tuned, it will have minimal space to bang and make zero noise and vibrations. And your arrow will have the fastest travel energy to fly toward the target.

Assemble your Bow nicely and tightly!

If you are dealing with a compound bow, you might have realized that it gives you a scientifically correct arrow shot but takes a big chunk of time and energy.

A compound bow usually comes with its different body parts, which require assembling correctly. Even though you set it up properly, sometimes the joint screws get loose, and while shooting, they make bizarre sounds.

And sounds while shooting a wild animal aren’t pleasant at all! So, before you aim towards your hunt, make sure every part of your Bow is holding on nice and tight.

Don’t let the screw get rusted

The worst thing that can happen to your Bow is it can get rusted over time. Even if you take care of it significantly, you can’t reverse the natures doing. 

There is a little trick to prevent this unwanted massacre. You can take unscented chopsticks, the old black label chopsticks, put them in the q-tip, and go inside all your hex head screws and round those screws to keep them from rusting. It will keep away the moisture and prevent forming rust on it.

This little trick will help you get a silenced bow and save your thousand dollars investment. After all, it’s your responsibility to take good care of your equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.       Question 1: Do bow silencers work?

Answer: Definitely yes! They work like a miracle. If you have doubt, buy any top-rated string bow silencer, and you will know the difference by yourself.

2.       Question 2: How do you put a string silencer on a bow?

Answer: There are so many different types of string silencers available in the market. Everyone one of them is unique in their own way. Every string silencer comes with a manual. You will get step-by-step guidelines from there. And YouTube has some really helpful videos regarding this matter.

3.       Question 3: What is a string stop on a compound bow?

Answer: After releasing, an arrow string starts having an oscillation effect, leading to the rattling off the string. A string stop refers to a rubber-made dampening device that consumes vibrations in the string and stops the oscillation effect.

4.       Question 4: Can I install a string silencer on my own compound bow?

Answer: It depends on so many things! Most of them are made with a user-friendly interface, but you will need minimum knowledge of assembling and disassembling the anatomy of a compound bow. If you don’t know how this will end, then it’s best to go to someone with knowledge or any archery shop.

5.       Question 5: What are beaver balls?

Answer: Well, not what you had thought it is! If you have read this article carefully, then you might already know. But if you have sadly missed it, then we will answer it here again. Beaver balls refer to the shape of an excellent string silencer named ‘Mountain Man Beaver ball string silencer.’ It doesn’t refer to any anatomical part of a beaver or any other living beings.

Wrapping Up!

Giving a surprise attack is one of the main things archers are after. A lot of time, they even take camouflage to fulfill that cause. So, the string rattle has to go!

With a string silencer, that goal also gets perfectly fulfilled. After installing a good-quality silencer, you can go on the hunt and act like a ninja!

So which one to choose? After going through the list, we believe you have already made your mind and found the perfect match for you. Because all the way it was only you who could know which one will work for you best.

So far, we have tried our best to provide you some insights on some of the best string silencers for your compound bow. We hope you loved our coverage!

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