5 Convenient Ways to Carry a Bow Like a Pro!

how to carry a bow

In the hunting seasons, hunters get crazy over backpacks and bow slings to carry their loving bow safely. But many novice hunters wonder how to carry a bow and what their options are. They get confused over the limited choices as they don’t know how these options will serve them in the actual game.

As you know, modern hunting bows are pretty heavy and hard to handle. It’s okay to be tensed about carrying on a long hunting trip. But honestly, there are some super easy ways to carry your bow, and you will be able to enjoy the hunt too.

So, here are some ways you can carry your bow.


Keep the Bow in Your Hand

Yes, it’s as easy as that. This might sound old school or too casual, but it’s the best way to hunt. You know why? Because jungle is full of surprises! You never know when you will site a whitetail, and before you take out your bow, you might miss your chance!

But if you are hunting in rough terrain or any ground where you will need both of your hands to support yourself, you should avoid carrying your bow in your hands.


If you suddenly site an animal, you will be so ready to aim at it as you are holding your bow just in your hand. You won’t have to waste your money on some costly gear to carry your bow.


This method will keep both of your hands occupied, so you can’t apply this in any rough hunting ground. The fear of falling off and damaging your bow will always be there.

Carry Your Bow in a Bow Sling

best bow sling
Bow Sling Sample

Bow slings are like half bags with attached straps, and through that, you can carry your bow by suspending it from your shoulder. After taking it by hand, bow slings will give you a faster maneuver.

You can carry your bow differently using bow slings. You can suspend it from your shoulder, or you can have it on your back. Either way, it will give your hands some comfort. You can also bring out from the sling faster than any other bow carrier.

The tricky part is it will leave your bow a little vulnerable situation. But if you wear the straps carefully and watch out for your steps, you will be okay.


Bow slings are a super cheap way and one of the most popular ways to carry a bow. It so easy to use takes less time to operate offers decent safety measures.


The suspension level of the bow sling may end up hurting it sometimes. While walking with a bow sling, you hit the bow with a tree that might damage it.

Carry the Bow by Attaching it to Your Backpack

Carry the Bow by Attaching it to Your Backpack
Bow Carrying Backpack

If you are a backpack guy, then this is the best way to carry your bow. It is safe, easy to use, and super convenient. You will just have to wrap the straps around your bow, and you are good to go. Make sure if you are putting all the straps nice and delicate.

This method will keep your hands free and bow safely at the same time. But if you are on the ground where you will need to take out your bow quickly, this is not a very good idea. You will have to take off your backpack and do so much work before you can use your bow.

But using a backpack will help you deal with all the weight issues. The bow weight will be evenly distributed and prevent hurting your back. If you wrap your strap nice and tight, your bow has a minimal chance of falling from your back. So you will be able to enjoy the trip and get the hunt too!


This method will help you to keep your hands free and increase your mobility. You won’t need any extra gear other than your backpack to carry your bow, so this will literally save those bucks for you.


Your bow won’t be completely safe as the straps can be loosened, and you may end up dropping your bow.

Carry Your Bow Using a Bow Case

A Bow Case
Bow Case

A bow case is the safest way to transport your bow. If you have got a crossbow or compound bow, you will safely transport them using bow cases. The bow case comes in both hard and soft features. If you are planning to carry them on your hunt, you should better choose the soft ones. The reason behind this is soft bow cases are very comfortable to carry with.

If you plan to go on an extended hunting trip far from your state and need to go by a vehicle such as a train, car, or bike, you better take your bow case along with you. Bow cases keep your bow and all your bow gears like arrows or bow sight safe.


If you want to carry your bow without zero fear of any structural damage, then the bow case is the best option. Bow cases also aid the problem of carrying compound or crossbows by car or bike.


Hard bow cases might be super heavy and will end up slowing you down and hurting your hand. It will also take time to unpack set all the gear in your bow if you are traveling with a bow case.

Using a Gun Rack to carry the Bow

A Gun Rack
Sample Gun Rack

Gun racks are primarily used to carry guns, but they can be pretty helpful for carrying bows. When you aim to hunt by a car, bike, or vehicle like ATV, you should consider using a gun rack.

Your bows will be safe, and you will be faster on the chase. If you manage to have a good quality ATV, you will have the best chance of getting a hunt. You can even load your bow and leave it on the gun rack and use it at the right moment!

Final Words

Hunting in the wild has its own toll on hunters. It’s so much fun and enjoyable, but sometimes it’s dangerous and requires a lot of particular skill. If you are a novice hunter, go through every pros and con of this list and set up your mind to pick up the best bow-carrying option for you. Check out all the possibilities and select the one best option that syncs with your setup.

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